From our recent forays into this “hidden” valley, I have some good terrain photos on my camera.  When Jeff C, Greg and I were brainstorming on the commute to the Pass, Jeff brought up Grizzly North, and I whipped out the camera to show them a somewhat indistinct line from just below the summit of Grizzly Peak.  Now we have a plan! 

Once again, it’s off up Teddy Bear Tree’s, Greg telling us about being petrified following a group’s skintrack up last week  that went out the climber’s right  before cresting the ridge proper.  Always a slope to be leery of, we stuck as close to the ridge as possible, minimizing our exposure.  Before we knew it, we where at the top of our line,chopping away bits of cornice to get a view in.  Similar to the line further along the west ridge, a small pocket leading to a choke, then clear sailing below.  The pocket was manageable, and the choke turned out to be a perfect 5 foot drop, allowing for a good slope test on the next open area. 

Jeff C swooping in off the choke.

We alternated pitches down the slope until it opened out into some fast shin deep pow skiing. 

Jeff watching Greg shred Griz N.

Again we headed for the Sifton col, but instead of heading down the Hermit, we punched a waist deep sugar snow bootpack tight up the rocks so we could get up little Sifton.    The light was deteriorating, and we headed down the SW until we could traverse high into the Grizzly bowl and out the Connaught Creek. 

Gotta love the digital reference photo!  Here it is, taken on the Ursus Minor-Sifton linkup and put to use to give us a great adventure today! 

RED: todays line GREEN: Griz N #1 line.