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The early season skiing around here has been phenomenal!  After wrapping up some work obligations, I headed up the all time classic Little Sifton tour, always a great option for getting a feel of alpine conditions.  With the occasional window in the clouds revealing a beautiful blanket of powder on all slopes, untouched by the wind, all I could think about was GAME ON!  A quick lap on Little Sifton then over to the Hermit for a bunch of amazing turns made for a wicked 5600′ day….


The next day’s weather turned out better than expected, and we headed back up Connaught Creek for the Grizzly Chute.  Fitting, somehow, to end my long blogging hiatus with a post about the same tour that started off!  I didn’t lose my camera this time.  After skiing the couloir in the best conditions ever, we re-upped to the top of  Frequent Flyer, which was also in fantastic condition.  6600′.






Just had to go out the next day, things were/are that good.  We started out a large posse, and clear skies in the morning had lofty objectives being tossed around.  By mid morning the viz wasn’t what it was, and we all ended up on Video Peak.  Here we parted ways, Conor H., Chris D. and myself heading N while the rest of the crew dropped S.  As we pushed the track up the glacier on the north side of  Bruins pass the visibility improved, so we did a hot lap on the N side of 8812.   On up to Bruins pass to finish with the über classic 8812 Bowl in the evening light, 7600′.

20121222-115717.jpg  20121222-115654.jpg

The final day in this block of  four was perhaps the most inspiring.  Hailey and myself accompanied our good friend Deane on the also über classic Bruins Ridge to Bruins Pass tour.  Miss Deane is 60ish, and to witness her (and her husband Don a couple of weeks prior) accomplish this 4100′ day ( in style) as one of the first tours of their season was incredible.  One can only hope to be fit and healthy enough to do the same in years to come.




Chimera-Handcrafted Splitties from the Wasatch


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