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I have to admit, the green grass in the valley and very sporadic precipitation for what seemed like most of February and March had my skiing psych lower than normal for this time of year, but things have changed!  Spring squalls have been stacking up in the alpine, phenomenal skiing, even some face shots on south-facing slopes!  I have been a bit  slack on taking the camera out, but here’s a couple from the RMR slackcountry.

Joey gettin his huck on.


Heather S rippin' south side pow.


Had some of the best snow of the year up in the Loop Brook/Bonney area last week, deep, deep, deep.  Click here and here for other blog reports of  these amazing days, and here are a couple of pic’s.

Working up the Bonney glacier.


Dave setting track on the glacier.


Chimera-Handcrafted Splitties from the Wasatch

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