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Jeff C crossin the creek.

On this day, our party of four decided to check out the small tree triangle on the Macdonald west shoulder now open to skiing. Along with a similar sizes chunk of trees from the Fidelity closure, this area has been “opened” up to the public as part of  the Macdonald permit (Area 3), being trimmed out of the Macdonald West Permanent closure (Area 16).  

Permit Map

Parking at the Hermit lot, we crossed highway and creek, skirted the bottom of the NW facing paths and pushed the track steeply up the western edge of the closure.  The boundary prevents ascent beyond 1800m, so after a slippery climb we pointed the tips down hill.  Hailey and I headed down through steep tight trees trying to find a line down the NW, while Jeff and Julie wrapped to the north and hit a sweet slidepath.  Wish we had went with them… 



For the second round I tried to keep up with the rando runners and we skied a fun, steep line above Jeff and Julie’s first run. 

Julie M



Chimera-Handcrafted Splitties from the Wasatch

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