Well, today’s the day we depart for the Great White North!  I have been running around like the proverbial headless chicken, organizing gear, moving out of our current pad and into another, and taking care of my girl post ACL surgery.  It’s been a crazy week.  Unfortunately I won’t be posting until I get home, and I did not get blog about a cool  trip to the East side of Mt Sir Donald yet, but when I return…

Our main objective in the St Elias is Mt Steele/Mt Lucania, and if we get the weather, maybe a peak at Mt Walsh.  Nothing “new” in the plans, but you never know what will go down if the conditions are prime.

I have a few thanks to throw out for folks that have helped out with gear and food for the trip:

Christy at Mountain Goodness Natural Foods for a sweet deal on all kinds of goodies!

I/O Biocompatibles  (thanks Tim!)

Black Diamond Equipment 

Revelstoke Valhalla Pure  (thanks Angus and Emma, you guys have been awesome!)

Hestra gloves (via ROI Canada)

Julbo sunglasses ( via  Rob at OnwardUp) 

I will write up some reviews on the choice gear upon my return.

Here are some pics of the food and gear compiled for the expedition.

Bars for the team. Thanks MGNF!


My food rations...


My gear (no tent shown)

I am very excited about this trip, if the weather holds for flying, we should have over 2 weeks in Canada’s big peaks!