We are out!  Our team  managed to summit  Mt  Steele on May 31st, the 5th highest peak in Canada, 10th in North America!  We are counting ourselves pretty lucky to accomplish this goal in a relatively short amount of time (11 days in the mountains),  and chose to exit early due to A: realizing that EVERYTHING out there is bigger, badder, deeper, further, more scary, and harder than we are used to (expected to a certain extent…),  B: some crippling foot injuries and illness, and C: time constraints and the TOTAL reliance on good weather for our flight back to civilization.  I am currently visiting family so the full post will be a bit delayed, but here is a photo of Steele from the South-East, with our ascent/descent marked (on foot, no skis for this portion of the route) .

Mt Steele, 5073m (16644ft).