L to R: Reed, Zahan, and Steve at Rogers Pass.

Well, I am sure a lot of people have heard the terrible news out of the Tetons.  Ski mountaineer extraordinaire and prolific blogger Steve Romeo was taken down by an avalanche on Ranger Peak in the Tetons, along with fellow Jacksonite Chris Onufer.  Condolances to the family, friends, and community affected by this great loss.

Like many, I knew Steve more through TetonAT than personal contact.  Our paths first crossed in Italy, at the 2006 Ski Mountaineering World Championships, where we were each representing our National Teams.  Meeting  RandoSteve and the rest of the US team at this event was a highlight for me. I became an avid follower of TetonAT, supplying me daily with concise and introspective Trip Reports from the Tetons and beyond, gear analyses and modifications, and more than a few laughs. Got out a bit with team USA again in 2008 (Switzerland and France), and Steve, along with Zahan and Reed, stopped in Revy in 2009. Steve impressed me as a self-deprecating, sincere, knowledgable guy with loads of energy and psych.   He loved skiing, and he got after it! 

RIP Steve, you are missed.