My plans for the winter solstice/end of the world was based on the weather forecast, and involved tree skiing at Rogers Pass. As we pulled out of Revy, the doomsday black cloud to the west disappeared in the rearview mirror, and the skies to the east were crystal clear. Maybe we could get into the alpine to celebrate this special day…

The closer to the pass we got, the better things looked. Bluebird skies and a perfect mantle of snow on the mountains shoulders sent our hopes soaring. We rendezvoused with the East-siders plus Wade to make a party of nine. Away up the Hermit trail we went, and in crisp temps and amazing snow we found our way all the way up the Swiss glacier and on to the summit of Mt Rogers (3185m)! Beyond all expectations!

What better way to spent the last day of the world, or the first day of winter. Great crew, great weather, perfect conditions.