I have had three fantastic days on the N side of Grizzly peak this season, which appears to be a rarely visited shangri-la of steep faces and couloirs overlooked by the hordes that stick to the trade routes of Connaught Creek.  There is a plethora of  variations to acces this “hidden” valley that drains into Ursus Creek to the North, but exiting is a mission. One must have good confidence in the stability to climb up and out via the Sifton/little Sifton  col or be prepared for a long circuitous route around the East ridges of Ursus Minor and Video peak to climb up to Bruins Pass.  I guess this is what keeps people away…
Here are some Trip Reports from three tours so far this winter…click on the photo to open!

Griz North #1

Griz North #2

Griz North #3

Route Map: Yellow=Up Red=Down